All-Star Weekend

2021 African Debate All-Star Weekend


Debater Of The Year: Highest Speaker WSDC 2021 (South Africa)

Judge of The Year: Highest Breaking Judge WSDC 2021 (Kenya)

Team of The Year: Best African Team Results (South Africa)

ESL Debater of The Year: Highest ESL Speaker (South Africa)

EFL Debater of The Year: Highest EFL Speaker (Morocco)


Team West Africa

  • Tunisia (Islem) – Highest National Speaker: WSDC 2021
  • Morocco (Alia) – Highest National Speaker of WSDC 2021
  • Namibia (Christiaan) – Highest National Speaker of WSDC 2021

Team East Africa

  • Tanzania (Huzefa) – Highest National Speaker: WSDC 2021 
  • Kenya (Becky) – 2nd Highest National Speaker of WSDC 2021
  • Uganda (Murungi)  – Highest National Speaker of WSDC 2021


1) The nation of the debater of the year may only have one student on the all-star team.

2) Must have represented an African national or school team aboard with preference given to national teams.

3) If there are less than 4 nations that participated in international competitions in 2020, nations who participated in the 2021 WSDC will elect their highest speaker of their national school championship. This would be the case for the first All-Star Weekend, with Rwanda & Zimbabwe qualifying due to this rule.

4) Debater must be able to attend, otherwise the selection will be awarded to the second high speaker from his/her nation.


All Stars East vs. All-Stars West

West: Morocco, Tunisia & Namibia

East: Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania

1 Prepared Motion & 1 Impromptu Motion


2022 African Debate All-Star Weekend teams & debaters will be announced on August 10th, 2022