Featured Team #1 – Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe National Debate Team (2022)

First of our weekly featured African National Debate Teams, Zimbabwe! The 2022 African Schools Debating Champions!

The Zimbabwe National Debate Team is the country’s ultimate debate team. The National Team has been active in the schools debate space for years, but has since undergrown major transformations since its inclusion in the Royalty Pact Debating Academy from 2019. The team is made up of the top debaters from all over the country, who are identified through rigorous and objective processes. Once identified, the speakers undergo intensive training to further amplify their talents.

The Zimbabwe Debate has accumulated a lot of achievements. They are the reigning African Schools Debating Champions, Dutch (Netherlands) Schools 2021 Champions, and South African Nationals, 2021 International Champions.

Besides this, Zimbabwe Debate has made a lot of finals series including being finalists in Africa Debate Rumble 2021, Semifinalists in Mwalimu Nyerere Invitational, a premier Kenyan schools tournament, Quarterfinalists at Qatar International Debate Championships in 2021, Octo-Finalist in Eurasian Schools 2022 , and Oldham Cup 2022.

The team is coached by some of the best debaters in Africa and beyond, including Maison Pieterson (Head coach), a student at the University of Western Australia. He is assisted by Anele Tshuma a student at the University of South Africa and Thembani Khumalo, a student at the University of Zimbabwe. These Coaches have transformed Zimbabwe Debating to another level due to their massive level of experience in debating.

Debaters: Menzimuhle Ncube, Nyasha Mazarura, Joseph Matanda, Munesushe Mushosho, Nokutenda Chimbetete & Sharon Marangwanda.

Coaching Staff: Thembani Khumalo, Maison Maphosa & Anele Tshuma

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