African National Team Rankings


(2023 Rankings)

(1st) South Africa: 4.5/14.25
(2nd) Zimbabwe: 4/11.75
(3rd) Morocco: 3.5/11.5
(4th) Namibia: 3/7.3
(5th) Kenya: 2.6/8
(6th) Tanzania: 2.3/8.3
(7th) Ghana: 2.3/6.3
(8th) Uganda: 2/7.6
(9th) Rwanda: 2/6.6
(10th) Nigeria: 2/5.5
(11th) Tunisia: 2/4
(12th) Liberia: 1/4
(13th) Libya: 0/2
(14th) Algeria: 0/0

(Average wins and ballots for each nations are based on results from the 2020 to 2022 WSDCs and the 2023 African Schools Debating Championship)


Top 10 Speakers by Nation (2023)

1st – South Africa (5)

2nd – Zimbabwe (3)

3rd – Morocco (2)

Top 10 Speakers (2023)

1st Katlego Mokgosi (South Africa)

2nd Nathan Fobian (South Africa)

3rd Christina Vaudran (South Africa)

4th Marcus Cordeiro (South Africa)

5th Alia Kafil (Morocco)

6th Menzimuhle Ncube (Zimbabwe)

7th Nyasha Mazarura (Zimbabwe)

8th Russel Davis (South Africa)

9th Nokutenda Chimbetete (Zimbabwe)

10th Yasmine Benlafkih (Morocco)


Important Notes:

a) Points calculated between 2020 to 2022 WSDCs

b) All debate rounds from competition are calculated, including the preliminary rounds and the advance rounds (QS, SF and Finals).

c) If any coach, director or heads of these national debate organisations wishes to receive a detailed explanation on their overall total points or wishes to assist us in collecting the points, please feel free to email us at ADebateCouncil@gmail.com