Featured Team #2 – Morocco

Morocco National Debate Team (2022)

Second up of our weekly featured African National Debate Teams, Morocco! The only North African team competing at the 2022 WSDC!

The Moroccan National Debate Team (MNDT), nicknamed “The Atlas Lions of Debate”, was created in 2014 by Soufiane Choubani. In many ways, they are the pioneers of World Schools Debating in North Africa as they were the first team from the region to compete in the world´s biggest and oldest debate championship for national teams, the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) in 2014. They have attended the WSDC on 4 occasions with 2022 being their best result with 4 wins and 12 ballots. The national team is governed by Morocco Debate Association (MDA), which is a non-profit organization based in the largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco, Casablanca. MDA also hosts one of the longest running debate camp in Africa, the Moroccan Youth Debate Camp.

Outside of the WSDC, the MNDT are back to back champions of the PDA High School Parliamentary Debate World Congress (Japan), having been crowned champions in 2021 & 2022. In 2022, The Atlas Lions reached another milestone by becoming the first ever North African nation to compete in the African Schools Debating Championship and The World Individual Debating & Public Speaking Championship.

Debaters: Alia Kafil, Yasmine Benlafkih, Elhassan Rhissassi, Lina Oujilal & Manal Fargani.

Head Coach: Jessica Musulin

Team Manager: Soufiane Choubani

Adjudicators: Yahya Ichakdi & El Mehdi Idrissi Guenouni

Stay tuned for more national team features!

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