African Individual Debating Championship

Welcome to official page of the ASDC 2023 African Individual Debating Championships!

The championship will take place online from March 18th to the 19th of 2023. (8am to 5pm UTC Time). We aim to host an AIDC with talented and experienced judges from around the world. The championship will feature 4 rounds of debates and then a semi-finals and final round. Debaters register individually but will be paired with a different debater in each round. This is the same debate format used by the WIDPSC.

General guidelines:

Contestants will work with a partner from a different school to propose and second, or oppose and second a motion/resolution. The motion will be presented to the teams 35 minutes before the start of the debate. Emphasis on judging will be on clash, spontaneity, logic, wit, content and teamwork. Specific guidelines:

• All motions are impromptu motions.

• Points of Information are permitted.

• Speakers are permitted to use notes/paper but are discouraged from reading.


A choice of two resolutions will be presented to the teams approximately 35 minutes before the start of the debate. One team, as designated, will choose the topic, while the other team will choose the side. Different resolutions will be issued for each round. Teams have 35 minutes to compose their own speeches. The length and order of speeches are as follows:

First Proposition: 6 mins

First Opposition: 6 mins

Second Prop: 9 mins

Second Opp: 9 mins

Third Opposition (reply speech): 3 mins

Third Proposition (reply speech): 3 mins

(First Opp/Prop speakers do the reply speeches. Therefore, First speakers speak twice and second speakers speak once. However, each speaker speaks for a total of 9 minutes)

We encourage you all new to this debate format to watch some WIDPSC Debate videos on YouTube to better understand the format.

Eligibility: All high school students from around the world.

Registration Deadline: March 5th, 2023

Participation Fee: FREE

(*ASDF members are national organisations that have paid their membership fees for 2023, please check our national directory page to see if your national organisation is an ASDF member)


All participants will receive an e-certificate, the top 3 speakers will also receive a ASDF medal.

Tentative Schedule

(March 18th)

8am: Check In & Briefing

9am: Round 1 motion announced. Round 1 debates at 9:40am

11am: Round 2 motion announced. Round 2 debates at 11:40am

2pm: Round 3 motion announced, Round 3 debates at 2:40am

(March 19th)

8:00am: Check In

8:20am: Round 4 motion announced. Round 4 debates at 9:00am

10:45am: Break Announcements

11:00am: Semi-Finals motions announced. Semi-Final debates at 11:40am

2pm: Grand Final motion announced. Grand Final at 2:40pm

4:15pm: Awards & Closing Ceremony

Registration Form (debaters)

Independent Adjudicators Application Form (judges)

Convenor: Soufiane Choubani (Morocco) [WIDPSC 2022 Grand Finals Judge]

CAP: Ahmad Tousif Jami (Bangladesh)

If you have any questions, please send an email to: