Rankings System Breakdown

3 Points = WSDC Ballot

1 Point = International Tournament Ballots (As a single national team in a competition)

1 Point = WSDC or International Tournament Win

Some Important Notes:

a) Suppose Team A (Team A vs B debate round) won a debate at the WSDC with 3 ballots. Meaning, all three judges voted for you Team A. Team A would then earn 10 point for just that one debate round.

b) Suppose we have the same results but in an international competition, Team A would then earn 4 points total for that one debate round.

c) All debate rounds from competition are calculated, including the preliminary rounds and the advance rounds (QS, SF and Finals).

d) If any coach, director or heads of these national debate organisations wishes to receive a detailed explanation on their overall total points or wishes to assist us in collecting the points, please feel free to email us at ADebateCouncil@gmail.com


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